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High School Library conducts its 1st Virtual Library Orientation for the Faculty Members of the High School Department

August 19, 2021, Thursday - The High School Library conducted its 1st virtual library orientation for the faculty members of the High School Department.  Mrs. Rizalyn Pillora, Librarian for the Junior High School hosted the orientation. She presented the Electronic Library website, introduces the University Library Staff, and discussed online library services in the new normal. 

Mrs. Rizalyn Pillora presented the policies and facilities of the library. She presented the books and serials collection for the high school department. She discussed the library services in the new normal, and how to access the online services using the online forms provided on the library’s website. In addition, she presented the library’s instructional video which shows a step-by-step process of accessing online library services. Furthermore, she showed the previous events of the University Library that have been conducted in the past years. 

For the second part of the library orientation, Mrs. Pillora presented the library updates on book collections and journal subscriptions. To improve library utilization, she encourages the faculty members to utilize the online library services and promote the use of the electronic library to their students as well.

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Photos taken during orientation
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