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General Guidelines


A. Only Students with Library Borrowers Card can borrow books.

B. All employees of the institution are given privileges to borrow library materials with some limitation.

C. Books in the Circulation Section can be borrowed for overnight.

D. Inter-Library Loans are accepted as long as researchers/students have procure the requirements.

E. Alumni can use the library resources upon presentation of their alumni identification card.




Circulation Rules


A. General Reference books, Thesis, Research Output and Serial shall be read inside the library only.

B. Theses and research outputs are not allowed for photocopy

C. Professional, General Education, Filipiniana, and Fiction books can be taken out from the library for photocopy and overnight use.

D. Fiction books are lent out for a week and can be renewed for another week. Books in great demand may be recalled anytime or be limited to a short circulation period. 

E. Textbook/Reference books usage is prioritized to the faculty handling the subject.

F. Single copy book is for photocopy and library use only. 

G. Each student is allowed to borrow only one (1) book for overnight and three (3) books at a time for inside reading.

H. Faculty are allowed to borrow five (5) books for a maximum period of one (1) month and should be renewed for another month unless recalled by another user.

I. Staff is allowed to borrow five (5) for a maximum of one week.




Library Hours


A. The Library is open from Monday to Friday 7AM to 7PM. NO NOON BREAK.

B. For summer and semestral break, the Library is open from Monday to Friday, 8AM-12PM to 1PM-5PM.




Authorize Users


A. All registered students of the JBLF System

B. All academic and administrative officers, faculty members, and employees of the university.

C. Alumni

D. Researchers/students of other schools which is a member of the Library Consortium.




Library Borrowers Card


A. Every student is required to have a library borrower’s card

B. The library card is valid only for the current semester or summer term.

C. Library Borrowers Card is non-transferable.

D. Lost library card shall be re-issued provided the student shall secure clearance and pays the corresponding amount for placement.




Fines and Penalties


A. Imposed fines and penalties for overdue books
     a. Professional Books P2/hr – P20/day
     b. General Education and Fiction books P1/hr – 10/day

B. All Students, Faculty, and Staff who failed to return books on time are subjected to the imposed fines for the overdue books.

C. Fines stopped at the request of the borrower concerned after he/she reports a lost book.

D. Lost or badly damaged books shall be replaced at cost. The original book remains the property of the library.

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